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Easter Sunday: Fr Tony Mc Aleese (Chaplain to Mater Hospital)


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From Living Church Down and Connor


“I have risen, and I am with you Still"

Today we celebrate the Feast of all Feasts - EASTER! - the heart of the whole Christian faith; and all Christian Traditions Celebrate. Here we are, a faith community some 2 Millennia later still celebrating. Our Brother Jesus, unjustly condemned and murdered as a tool to intimidate IS Now Risen as he said and is still with each-and- every-one of us today. We know this, because if he was not, we simply would not celebrate Easter.

Just think - this Holy Week: We journeyed with Jesus through his Passion, Death and Now his Resurrection. We see the leaders, afraid of Jesus, who used their greatest weapon, crucifixion to ensure the greatest Fear: Death was inflicted on their enemies to control them!

But now Jesus has turned that upside-down. This Fear is conquered: CHRIST IS RISEN. We no longer need to live in fear. We can no longer live as we did because death is defeated. Death no longer is the end (for as it says in a Funeral liturgy),

“For your faithful Lord, life has changed but not ended.”

Death has been overcome once and for all in Christ. What does this mean for us this Easter? It means that we should be: making an Easter Resolution. We should relish the joy of Easter, thanking God for letting us share in his victory, and for giving us this hope - and don’t we need hope from this past year! But let's not stop there. Let's let Easter change our lives.

Christ's resurrection is not just a nice idea; it is the power of eternal life at work in us. As we now journey through Easter-Tide as a world and society and we start entering these brighter days and evenings with the loosening of the restrictions why not do something for these eight weeks of Easter time from Easter Sunday to Pentecost to plug into the power and Graces of the Season?

Almost every one of us made an effort to live Lent in a special way. Most likely - we gave something up for Lent. Why not take something up as a way to help us live the joyful season of Easter?

St Paul encouraged us to "think of what is above, not of what is on earth." Let’s make an Easter resolution that will help us do that; to keep in mind the eternal life that Christ has won for us, if we stay faithful to him.

It could be something simple like taking some time to pray as a family or re-read your favourite book, which stirs up joy in your soul.

Let’s make a difference this Easter. Let’s change the pattern of our lives to look ahead with hope and joy.

As we come out of lockdown let us not return to ‘The Past. I know it was comfortable but Jesus didn’t conquer death to be comfortable. He conquered it so that we might live.

St John says: ‘God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him may not be lost but may have eternal life.’

This Easter, let us live out our faith so that we may find a way to share the blessings of the love of God which we receive in the Eucharist each-and-every-day with all our Brothers and Sisters- particularly in this Season of Easter.

May you have a blessed Easter! What will you take up to help you live the joyful season of Easter?