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Friend, your Trócaire Box is ready

Dear Friend, On this day, Ash Wednesday, many will turn their thoughts to sacrifice... and the coming 40 days and nights of Lent. Today I write to ask you to keep safe, above all – and to let you know how to safely collect your Trócaire Box. If you’re able to help this Lent, in whatever way you can, your love and generosity will mean so much to families like Ajak and Awut’s in South Sudan. (That’s Ajak and baby Ngor at left in the above photo, and Awut to your right.) They have already sacrificed so much to war and poverty, and could really use whatever donations you can spare. Here’s how you can safely collect your Trócaire Box this Lent, and help them:

  1. To collect your Trócaire Box in person: please contact your local parish for details.

  2. To receive your Trócaire Box by post: click here to order your free Box. At the link, you are welcome to indicate if you prefer your Box as Gaeilge (Irish).

  3. Or to help right now, simply click the donate button below:


Friend, when you receive your Trócaire Box – and in the weeks ahead through my emails to you – you’ll learn the incredible stories of Ajak, Awut, and their families.

You’ll come to understand how sometimes, from the ruins of poverty, war, and sorrow, hope can find a way to be reborn.

Today, Ash Wednesday, I pray hope has found that way, in you.

Please, contact your local parish today for details on how to safely collect your Trócaire Box this Lent.

Or click here now to order your Lent Box free, by post.

Ajak and Awut are moving heaven and earth to keep their families from being lost completely. Please help them if you can this Lent.

Please also know, if you’re not able to help but would still like to have a Trócaire Box and special Lenten calendar in your home, you are very welcome to order your free Lent Box here, or email to Declan in donor services.

Through good times and lean, you are part of this Trócaire family today and always, and you mean the world to us here.

I’ll email again soon.

Please keep safe, and God bless,

Caoimhe De Barra CEO Trócaire P.S. With schools closed, parishes small and large across the island have stepped up to help us distribute Trócaire Boxes during a very difficult time. I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to every parish and place of worship – and to you, as well. If you’re not able to give this Lent, but can still find a moment to say a prayer or send a loving intention into this hurting world, you have my thanks. And remember, it would be our honour to post a Trócaire Box and calendar to you, as well. Thank you for staying strong, and God bless.