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Prayer Service on 1st November

On Sunday, 1st November, the bishops and priests of Ireland will lead a short service of prayer to dedicate the month of November to ‘Remembrance of the Dead and Prayer for the Bereaved’.   The whole country is invited to unite in this moment which will be followed by parish liturgies throughout the month of November, reaching out as much as possible to those who cannot be physically present.   A Cross and/or an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary may be prominently placed as a focus of devotion.  A suitable hymn may be sung by the cantor.   (Please refer to the ‘November’ booklet attached to the email which all parishes received on Friday past, 23rd October).

Priests may hold this service at 3 pm but please note that Bishop Noel will lead the Service of Prayer on 1st November in St Peter’s Cathedral at 7pm.   All parishioners are invited to participate via webcam.

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