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The St. Teresa's Parish Bulletin for Sunday, 10th July 2022

Sunday 10 July 2022,

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

(Year C)

Synod 2023: Communion, Participation, Mission.

Sunday Gospel The story of the Good Samaritan is well known as the story of salvation. The man who was robbed and left for dead is Adam the first man that God created. The Good Samaritan is known to be Jesus who travels between Jerusalem and Jericho, or between Heaven and Hell. He comes to save his brother and brings him to an inn which symbolizes the Christian family, or the Church. Jesus tells this story to show that all peoples, whether they are strangers to us or not, belong to the common family of humanity and are to be welcomed and cared for by the followers of Jesus. Many times we pass by on the other side by leaving the work of the Good News to others. Jesus shows and teaches that we are to get involved in caring for others because that’s what we are called to do.

Sunday Masses Holy Spirit Vigil 5pm (Saturday), St Matthias’ 10am, St Teresa’s 12noon.

Weekday Masses St Teresa’s Monday to Saturday 10am, St Matthias’ Tuesday to Thursday 10am.

Confessions Before Saturday Vigil Mass and on request.

To book a wedding or baptism, please contact the parish office (better to email).

Recently Deceased Seamus Corrigan, William McMullan.

Months Mind Patricia Kinnard, Rita Naughton, Mary Spackman.

Anniversaries Michael Montgomery, Oliver Mc Donald, Susan Daly, Bridie Hamilton.

Candle Burning this week Paul Wilson (RIP)

Offertory Collection £1 448. Thank you.

Holy Spirit Shop Brick a Brac and donations gratefully received. No clothes please. Thank you.

Addiction is a frightening aspect of life in Ireland. The rise in the abuse of drugs and alcohol is well documented and many parents, families and communities have suffered and are struggling to respond. Bishop Michael Router. Episode two of the ‘Leave Your Mark’ podcast is now available focusing on the issue of addiction. The Irish Bishops’ Drugs Initiative (IBDI) launched the ‘Leave Your Mark’ podcast series in February 2022. The podcast features profile interviews with sports stars and community leaders telling their stories of how they left their mark on the world and rose above their struggles with addiction. Check online at www.irishbishops/news.

Pope Francis greeted all the families who took part in the Tenth World Meeting of Families, reaffirming their beauty, the need to defend them "from the poisons of selfishness, individualism, the culture of indifference and discarding", but above all encouraging them "to resuming with decision the path of family love, sharing with all members the joy of this call". A palpable joy in St Peter's Square, where on Saturday 25 June 2022, Mass was celebrated in the presence of families from all over the world, as witnessed by the many flags that coloured the square. Among them were the over two thousand delegates from the Bishops' Conferences who took part in the work of the Theological-Pastoral Congress.

Accord Marriage Preparation Next available dates 6/8 October 2022 at St Mary’s Chapel Lane, Belfast. Book at category to be announced on Wednesday 13 July 2022.

Consider donating blood The NIBTS headquarters building is situated within the grounds of the Belfast City Hospital Complex, Lisburn Road, BT9 7TS. Free car parking is available for blood donors with the car parks located at the front and side of the building. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 930am to 8pm.

Loving Father, you call us by name. As we journey through life help us to be confident in our own unique identity and to find opportunities to develop our own gifts and passions. We pray that the Holy Spirit will pour on us wisdom and guidance to help us realise and follow our dreams, discerning your plan for our lives. Bless your Church by raising up dedicated and generous people from our families and friend who will serve as Priests, Deacons, Sisters and Brothers. May we support one another in response to God’s call. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

St Vincent De Paul Helpline No. 0741 9326678