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The St. Teresa's Parish Bulletin for Sunday, 12th June 2022

Sunday 12 June 2022

Holy Trinity

(Year C).

Synod 2023: Communion, Participation, Mission.

Sunday Gospel Jesus promised his followers that he would lead them to the complete truth. The truth that we come to know is the love that the Father gives to us, that love is shown by the work of Jesus his Son. The way we come to know truth is by the power of the Spirit. We discover, through prayer, the presence of God as three persons. The purpose of God as three is that we love the Father, by the example of Jesus Christ as brother by the energy of the Holy Spirit that comes to us by the power of Baptism. We are baptised into the experience of God as Father, Son and Spirit, may our lives enjoy the gifts that we are given.

Sunday Masses

Holy Spirit vigil 5pm (Saturday),

St Matthias’ 10am,

St Teresa’s 12noon.

Weekday Masses

St Teresa’s Monday to Saturday 10am,

St Matthias’ Tuesday to Thursday 10am.

Confessions Before Saturday Vigil Mass and on request.

To book a wedding or baptism, please contact the parish office (better to email).

Recently deceased Patricia Kinnard, Sr Marie Antonine, Charlie O’Neill.

Months Mind Ellen Connolly.

Anniversaries Phil Maguire, Pat McGleave & Joan Connor, Gerald Valente, Rita Irwin,

Marta McKenzie.

Candles will burn for Pat & Rita Rogan.

Offertory Collection £1 264. Thank you.

Church of Saint Michael the Archangel Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for 32 hours of Adoration will take place on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June 2022. Starting with 10am Mass on Friday and finishing with 5pm Mass on Saturday. We will be collecting names and your hourly slot after Masses over the next few weekends. Please contact Kate on 07756 1215097

Eucharistic Procession 19 June 2022 at 2 30pm from St Mary’s Chapel Lane. Calling Women Inspired by the Women of Jerusalem who stood at the foot of the Cross. All women are invited to join a Procession of The Most Blessed Sacrament. First Holy Communion boys and girls (in their white dresses & suits) are also invited. Men also welcome alongside the Procession. Children must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.

Down and Connor Knock Pilgrimage We welcome you to join us for our Diocesan Knock in person/Virtual Pilgrimage on Sunday 12 June 2022. The ceremonies will be streamed live on the shrine website and on Knock Shrine Facebook page. The programme will commence with the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick at 2.30pm and Mass will be celebrated at 3pm by Bishop Noel Treanor. Bishop Treanor will also deliver the Homily. The Mass will be followed by the Recitation of the Rosary

Exam Prayer Lord, I know you are with me and love me. Give me peace of mind as I prepare for this time of study. Help me to focus on my books and notes. Keep me from all distractions so that I will make the best use of this time that is available to me. Give me insight that I might understand what I am studying, and help me to remember it when the time comes. Above all, I thank you for the ability to be able to study and for the many gifts and talents you have given me. Help me always to use them in such a way that they honour you and do justice to myself. Amen.

Trócaire is recruiting a marathon team of 26 runners, one from every diocese in Ireland, to take part in the Dublin Marathon in aid of Trócaire this October. Every member of Team Trócaire will have our full support and will be offered Trócaire running gear for the big day! Every year, individuals from across the country run marathons in aid of Trócaire and we are truly grateful. If you aren’t ready for a marathon or prefer something a little gentler, there are plenty of opportunities to join Team Trócaire! Take part in a 5K, Colour Run, hero Run or whatever takes your fancy. Get in touch with us about running plans and we’ll provide you with Trócaire materials for fundraising, or help you set up your Just Giving fundraising page!

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