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The St. Teresa’s Parish Bulletin for Sunday, 16th October 2022

Sunday 16 October 2022

Twenty Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time

(Year C)

Synod 2023: Communion, Participation, Mission.

Sunday Gospel When the Son of Man comes, he will be looking for your faith. The faith we have in the Lord’s promises invite us to live in a certain way. The two foundation stones in the practice of faith are prayer and Christian action. If we only pray, then our words are meaningless. If we only do good, then we lose sight of the Lord in our lives and the direction of his love. Prayer and action are the two sides of the one coin, they can’t exist one without the other. On our Christian journey, each one has their own vocation; we have a particular calling, our own life to live. We pray that our lives will show the faith we have in the God who comes to give us our true dignity as his creation, calling us into the new creation of his eternal love.

Sunday Masses Holy Spirit Vigil 5pm (Saturday), St Matthias’ 10am, St Teresa’s 12noon.

Weekday Masses St Teresa’s Monday to Saturday 10am, St Matthias’ Tuesday to Thursday10am.

Confessions Before Saturday Vigil Mass and on request.

To book a wedding or baptism, please contact the parish office (better to email).

Recently Deceased Patricia O’Neill , Sean McAnulty.

Anniversaries Bernadette Davey, Gerald McIlroy and Kathleen McIlroy, Thomas Patterson.

Candle Burning Hannah Teresa McManus.

Offertory Collection £2 005. Thank you.

November Masses for deceased relatives and friends. Mass will be celebrated each day during the month of November for the dead. Lists are available at the porch of the church. The annual Mass for those who have died within the last year will be celebrated at St Teresa’s Church, 24 November 2022, 7pm.

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of the Holy Family of London has issued an urgent plea for all people of good will to unite their prayers for the people in Ukraine as they continue to suffer the brutal attacks on their homes, schools, and hospitals. “Ukrainians are a strong and brave people literally struggling for their survival. I am asking the people of the United Kingdom and of Ireland to pray and to continue to stand with Ukraine as they defend themselves.”

Live Here Love Here is launching a Photo Contest for pictures related to plastic pollution and the damage it is causing to both the environment and our own health. Hosted by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful civic-pride partnership campaign Live Here Love Here, The Big Pointless Plastic Photography Competition aims to capture powerful images of the endemic plastic pollution endangering our environment, to expose the full extent of the problem. Entries for the competition are now open, and participants have until Friday 11 November, 12pm to submit one image of plastic pollution found in Northern Ireland. To enter the competition, please visit

October is Mission Month The theme for World Mission Sunday this year, which the Church will celebrate around the world on 23 October 2023 is ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’ (Acts 1:8). World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual appeal for spiritual and financial support so that the life-giving work of overseas mission and missionaries can continue. On World Mission Sunday, collections will take place at Masses throughout the universal Church so that Catholics might give what they can to help support struggling dioceses in the developing world. The Mission Sunday collection promotes the work of missionaries in poor and remote communities. The funds raised will help build vital infrastructure, including churches, medical clinics, nurseries and schools. At 11am on 23 October 2022, RTÉ will televise the celebration of Mass from its Donnybrook studio, Dublin, for World Mission Sunday.

Prayer of Gratitude for the Earth: For the marvellous grace of your creation, we pour out our thanks to you God. For sun and moon and stars, For rain and dew and winds, For winter cold and summer heat. We praise you God for mountains and hills, For springs and valleys, For rivers and seas. We praise you God, for plants growing in earth and in water, For life inhabiting lakes and seas, for life creeping in soils and land, For creatures living in wetlands and waters, For lifeline flying above earth and sea, For beasts dwelling in woods and fields. How many and how wonderful are your works, O Lord.

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