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Tips for a Greener Lent: "The world will end choked in plastic"

Lent 2019

"I have gotten used to bringing cloth bags into the grocery store. What few bags I do accumulate by error I return to the grocery. But a few months ago, my eyes were opened to the omnipresence of plastic.

Plastic is filling the oceans and cluttering the beaches, killing fish and fowl and reptiles and mammals who ingest the plastic, thinking it is food. Those sturdy big plastic straws get into the noses of the big sea turtles. I've seen a photo of a sea horse with his tail wrapped around a pink plastic Q-tip. So I began to try to rid my house of plastic. I buy fair trade coffee, a high-end item. This morning I discovered the "paper" bag's insides are laminated with plastic. Pie, nuts, batteries, mayonnaise, — all delivered in plastic. I remember when I thought plastic was a much better idea than glass because it's lighter.


"Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice." So says Robert Frost. Choked in plastic is yet another route! "

Adopted from Mary Ann McGivern NCR 07.06.2019


‘Protecting nature and protecting mankind are two sides of the same coin for Christian ethics.’

Pg. 244. DOCAT What to do? - The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. CTS 2016

‘The resources of creation (are) an immense gift of God to humanity. Humanity is duty –bound to protect this treasure and to counter the indiscriminate use of the earth’s goods.’

- Pope Benedict XVI 27th September 2008.

‘I would therefore like us all to make the serious commitment to respect and care for creation, to pay attention to every person, to combat the culture of waste and of throwing out so as to foster a culture of solidarity and encounter.’

- Pope Francis, 5th June 2013

‘God our Father gave us the task of protecting the earth- not to money, but to us men and women. We have this task! Instead men and women are sacrificed to the idols of profit and consumption: it is the ‘culture of waste.’

- Pope Francis, 5th June 2013

‘We need to remember that when we pollute, scar and destroy creation either locally or globally we diminish the capacity of all people of faith to discern God’s presence in creation. What some feel is the good life, something to be aspired to and worked for is in fact destroying the world.’

- Why are we deaf to the Cry of the Earth? pp 52,56. Sean McDonagh. 2001

Franciscan study guide for Laudato Si’

‘Maxed out with plastic’ Angela Ashwin 19. 01.2019