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Tr贸caire Newsletter - December 2021

December 2021

Here's our December monthly update from Tr贸caire. News and views from Tr贸caire staff, plus the latest social and political developments from the countries where we work.

Wishing you peace and joy all season long馃巹

Deirdre O鈥橩ane joins our Christmas appeal for the Women of Gaza

The comedian launched Tr贸caire's Women of Gaza mural in Dublin.Speaking at the unveiling of a powerful mural in Essex Street, Dublin, depicting a mother and her daughter outside a bombed building in Gaza, Ms O鈥橩ane said her memories of a visit with Trocaire to Gaza over two years ago are still fresh in her mind.

鈥淲hen I visited Gaza, I met women and girls who have been traumatised by the conflict. More than a third of women living in Gaza suffer violence at the hands of their husbands. Women in Gaza have been disempowered, and they need our support to help get their lives back on track.鈥

Read more about our Christmas appeal for the women of Gaza here

Reality of life for the Women of Gaza

Sr. Bridget Tighe reflects on her recent visit to Gaza.鈥淓veryone is in a constant state of worry. During my visit, I spoke to one of our staff who herself is a mother and has children, one with severe mental handicaps. So, she鈥檚 really suffering. And I said to her, Assiah, how are you? And she smiled and said, I鈥檓 fine, thank you. I said, Assiah, how are you really? And her eyes filled up with tears. And she said, life is very, very hard.鈥

Read more about the reality of life for the women of Gaza here

Women and girls must have a role as agents of change

Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence conference teased out the issues with women leaders.The reality is that one in three women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence during their lives. But the problem is much more prevalent in developing countries impacted by cycles of crisis.

GBV, which is rooted in gender inequality, threatens the lives and wellbeing of girls and women, preventing them from accessing education and other opportunities that are fundamental to their development and freedom.

Read more from Tr贸caire's CEO Caoimhe de Barra who is the current Chair of the Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence

Help combat #periodpoverty

Period poverty in Zimbabwe is driving thousands of women and girls to desperate measures.

Janet Nyamutenha (37) is a mother of three from the Mutasa District, Mutare in eastern Zimbabwe. She is one of thousands of Zimbabwean women who can鈥檛 afford monthly sanitary pads. To improvise Janet uses an old rag when she has her period 鈥 something which can cause severe reproductive and urinary tract infections in women and girls. Cloths aren鈥檛 always properly washed and are stored in damp and unhygienic conditions for use the following month. Tr贸caire鈥檚 range of Gifts of Love this Christmas includes options to support women like Janet with menstrual dignity kits. This 鈧10 gift can help Safeguard dignity amongst women and girls in the countries where we work.

Read more of Janet's story here and find out how you can help her this Christmas

Watch: Spread the love this Christmas

Tr贸caire鈥檚 'Gifts of Love' includes options to support communities like this with clean water. This can help prevent deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid and help large families in drought stricken countries have safe water to drink. The World Health Organisation believes that improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene could save millions of lives across the world.

Why not give a Tr贸caire Gift of Love to your loved one this Christmas

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