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Tuesday of Holy Week - Jim Deeds (Living Church)

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From Living Church Down and Connor

What were Jesus’ friends thinking on Tuesday of this week? They didn’t even know, as we do today, that they were in Holy Week. That concept, that name, had not yet been born. So, what did they know? What did they feel? Some might have seen on Palm Sunday how the political and religious leaders of the day resented Jesus and the authority with which he taught and led the people. Seeing this, those friends of Jesus might have become anxious. Others might have been taken with how Jesus’ teaching was becoming more focussed on a clear message- difficult times were ahead and faith would be the thing needed to get through. They might have felt confused and a bit worried about the future. Still others might have noticed how the behaviour of their friend, Judas- the money man of the team- began to change along with Jesus’ teaching. He was becoming more withdrawn, spending time away from the friends, sneaking about. They might have felt suspicious. None of Jesus’ friends knew exactly what was happening but I would guess that they knew something was happening and for many of them it would have been a worrying time. We, too, just like Jesus’ friends don’t know what the future will bring. We can find ourselves making elaborate plans for a future we are not certain of or, even worse, we can get caught up in worry. Jesus spent time cautioning us not to worry about the future. He told us to consider the flowers and the birds and how they do not worry about tomorrow or what it will bring. He then told us two nuggets of wisdom and truth- worry does not add one minute of length to your life and God loves us abundantly more than the flowers and birds on whom he has bestowed such beauty. We are held in a look of love from God and God has got our backs! This powerful undercurrent of truth runs right throughout our lives and the lives of everyone we know. I remember one of our priests, Fr Ciaran, telling a concerned grandmother who worried about her grandson, ‘All will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s just not the end yet. I feel sorry for the friends of Jesus during this week. They do not yet know what we have the benefit of knowing- that no matter how dark and distressing the events of this week or the events of our lives get there is always the undercurrent of God’s love for us working on our behalf. For even though this week brings Good Friday and with its death and sorrow, the story ends with Easter Day and resurrection- new life promised for us all. So, on this day, just as we prepare for the tumultuous events of Holy Week, and no matter how tumultuous our lives may be, let us remember that everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s just not the end yet.

What worry do you want to bring to God today in prayer?