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Weekend of Prayer for the Protection of the unborn in our society

12 - 13 October 2019

In their recent joint statement, the Church leaders of Ireland have called for the weekend of 12-13 October to be dedicated to prayer for the protection of the unborn in our society and for women facing difficult and challenging pregnancies and their families.

This is in response to the proposed introduction by Westminster of legislation on 21st October allowing for unregulated abortion in the North.  

Please support the online petition by Baroness Nuala O’Loan calling on the Secretary of State and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly to take action to prevent unregulated abortion being introduced to the North by Westminster on 21st October. The petition can be found online at (search for Nuala O’Loan).

Please contact your local MLA and ask them to take action to stop the introduction of unregulated abortion to Northern Ireland by Westminster on 21st October.

You can find contact details for your MLA online at .

You can also send a postcard to your MLA.

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